When polled seventy-nine percent of Information Security officers believe that employee error is the typical root cause of information security failures. Ensuring that your employees are educated on Information Security is critical to ensuring that your company’s networks remain secure.

MindCache from Accelerated Training Systems is the perfect platform to deliver Information Security Awareness testing and training to your entire company. The MindCache application will ensure that your employees are aware of information security best practices, but also that they are tested daily on their individual knowledge.

Accelerated Training Systems has developed specific training libraries to help you get started quickly and efficiently.

We cover the following topics during the training:

  • Introduction to Security Awareness
  • Phishing
  • Computer Security
  • Social Networking
  • Email Security
  • Web Security
  • Reporting Incidents
  • Public WiFi
  • Passwords
  • Mobile Security
  • Office Security
  • Information Protection
  • Social Engineering
  • Privacy
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Working Remotely
  • Safe Disposal
  • Travel Security

MindCache™ is designed to provide daily, interval training to the workforce, keeping important information top-of-mind so employees are ready for action. Through regular review, overall retention is improved. MindCache™ helps clients keep their employees safe, prepared and well educated in all aspects of their work responsibilities.

  • Customizable – design the questions or choose from our library
  • Automated, comprehensive real-time reporting by user and department
  • Interactive , 2-way rapid communication
  • Measures training ROI
  • Does not impact productivity
  • Promotes workplace efficiency and consistency
  • Ability to send surveys
  • Detailed documentation providing evidence of ongoing training
  • Identifies gaps in knowledge
  • Creates employee accountability