In manufacturing, companies are challenged with training their hourly and production workers with limited access and infrastructure. Time is money, so taking production workers off line for any length of time to complete training, impacts productivity. By delivering a quick, simple, continuous series of questions, workers will better retain and even learn new information. Workers can become more familiar with regulations and compliance issues, prepare for audits and certifications.
Benefits of using MindCache™:

  • OSHA and CalOSHA compliance
  • ISO audit/certification preparation
  • Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Site Certification preparation and maintenance
  • Maintain consistency of knowledge
  • Sales teams maximize product knowledge with flexibility to keep the new features and benefits, pricing and special promotions in front of their representatives.
  • Documented evidence of on-going training and the employee’s knowledge of same
  • Maximized engagement with both a centralized and decentralized workforce
  • Improving familiarity with topics, so basics are covered throughout the year. Participation in class room training increases
  • Instructors can get more in depth, rather than simply ‘covering the basics’, in the annual training class
  • A social component that gets ‘employees talking’ about important topics
  • A competitive spirit that occurs when reward/incentive programs or contests are in place for participation and accuracy, maximizing employee engagement.

MindCache™ is designed to provide daily, interval training to the workforce, keeping important information top-of-mind so employees are ready for action. Through regular review, overall retention is improved. MindCache™ helps clients keep their employees safe, prepared and well educated in all aspects of their work responsibilities.

  • Customizable – design the questions or choose from our library
  • Automated, comprehensive real-time reporting by user and department
  • Interactive , 2-way rapid communication
  • Measures training ROI
  • Does not impact productivity
  • Promotes workplace efficiency and consistency
  • Ability to send surveys
  • Detailed documentation providing evidence of ongoing training
  • Identifies gaps in knowledge
  • Creates employee accountability