MindCacheTM provides daily testing of your employee’s knowledge on specific training materials. Our customers use our software as a primary training tool as well as to reinforce their existing training programs. Simply put… Our software program ensures that your employees learn and retain information that is critical to their job.

What does MindCache do?

Keeping it simple, MindCache helps to ensure that people stop forgetting all of your important company information. The age old adage “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” applies to information more than ever today. We make sure that your information is never out of sight and always fresh in your employees’ mind.

What is MindCache?

MindCache is a cloud based software application that our customers use to conduct employee training and reinforcement. Our customers tell us that their employees feel like they are engaged in friendly competition, while they are learning lots of great information about topics that are relevant to their job.

How does it work?

How does it work?
MindCache provides daily training and testing on important information without impacting the productivity of your workforce. In a nut shell, your employees are going to receive a training communication from Accelerated Training Systems. They respond to the content and receive real time feedback on their accuracy, as well as reinforcement, if needed. We can do this on ANY topic that is important to your company and can ensure that employees only receive content that is relevant to their role in the company. Our customers use our product for just about everything, but some specific examples include:

  • Safety Training
  • OSHA
  • Sales Training
  • Product Knowledge
  • Information Security

Does it take a lot of time for employees to participate?

No way. Your employees will spend no more than one minute per day using the software. Well… Unless they choose to do more research on a topic based on their own interest level. We find that sometimes our software causes people to want to know more. This helps reinforce the training even more when your team has that next water cooler conversation about the daily training.

How do my employees use the software?

There are a few options for them. If they receive company email then the training will be provided in their inbox at the time you designate each and every day. They can also visit a secure web site to participate in the training. Last but not least, we also have a kiosk version of the software. We have tried to cover all the bases for you.

How do I get started?

It’s simple – The software is hosted on our secure servers in the Cloud. That means nothing gets installed on your companies network. You designate an administrator to take care of managing your employees, training topics, and training information. After you have added your employees and a few training nuggets you are ready to run. If you need help… No problem. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

Can I tell when people are participating?

Oh Yeah! That is one of the most powerful aspects of the software. MindCache includes detailed reporting that lets you know who participates, their accuracy level, as well as any gaps they may have in specific topics.

Can I force the software to do more training?

We get this question all of the time. The short answer is no. That is the power of the software. We increase human memory retention rate through review and repetition.

Is creating content going to be tough?

It can be. We find that many of our customers struggle with content development. No problem though. We have libraries of content that are ready to go for you. You can borrow it (or steal it) if you like while you build more specific content that is specific to your company. We have tons of great content covering a wide range of topics just ask our support team for help anytime.